Marilyn Minter – Pillow (Lips) *SOLD*

Marilyn Minter - Pillows (Lips), 2010.   SOLD OUT

Marilyn Minter - Pillows (Lips), 2010.High heels, luscious lips, Pamela Anderson—all are jumping-off points for provocative artist Marilyn Minter. Minter’s work explores a blighted beauty of sorts: glamour that’s aberrant and, at times, eerie. To honor her vision, the Aspen Art Museum presented Minter the Aspen Award for Art, during its 2010 artCRUSH event.

Minter created a set of throw pillows exclusively for the Aspen Art Museum.
The pillows are sold separately and be aware:
- the "EYE" edition already sold out.;
- the "LIPS" edition nearly sold out, there are only 3 remaining !!!   SOLD OUT

Limited Edition Throw Pillows
Size: 15 x 22 inches
Edition size: 70
Price: $100  (eye) SOLD OUT
Price: $100  (lips) SOLD OUT

You can order this fabulous limited Marilyn Minter edition at Aspen Art Museum