Mat Collishaw – Insecticide *SOLD*

Mat Collishaw - Insecticide, 2009.   SOLD OUT

Mat Collishaw - Insecticide, 2009Produced on the occasion of the exhibition "Mythologies" at Haunch of Venison, London, 12 March - 25 April 2009. Collishaw’s Insecticide photographs resemble enlargements of microscope slides. Originally collecting moths, spiders, wasps and dragonflies to remove them from the path of his young son, Collishaw soon explored the visual effects achieved when the insects were squashed between 35mm glass slides and scanned in high resolution. The resulting photographs are “‘a degraded and violent memorial to a once living form”’ according to the artist.

Captured at the precise instant of their extermination and enlarged to an epic scale, the pressed bodies of the insects evince the brutality of death: their velvety wings are torn, their antennae broken, and internal juices bleed from their crushed thoraxes. At the same time, the images are surprisingly vivid, suggesting the dichotomous relationship of life and death.

Medium: Tinted photogravure,
Size: 59cm x 64.5cm,
Edition: 100 + 5 artist proofs,
Signed and numbered,

You can order this limited edition Mat Collishaw print at Haunch of Venison