Maurizio Cattelan – LOVE – Cement Sculpture *SOLD*

Maurizio Cattelan, L.O.V.E. (Concrete Sculpture), 2015 SOLD OUT

Maurizio Cattelan, L.O.V.E. (Concrete Sculpture), 2015Maurizio Cattelan is a celebrated Italian artist who is renowned for facetious sculptures and installations that poke fun at popular culture, history, and religion in a manner that is at once irreverent and bitingly critical. The miniaturization of one of Cattelan's controversial public works, in this edition capture the artist's knack for black humor.

Cattelan captured the headlines with his record breaking auction sale of "Him," a statue of a kneeling, child-like Hitler, which fetched $17.2 million on May 8th 2016 at a Christie's auction. Also he will be installing a fully-functional, 18- karat-gold toilet in a restroom at the Guggenheim Museum.

The original sculpture—officially titled L.O.V.E., an acronym of libertà (freedom), odio (hate), vendetta (revenge), and eternità (eternity) , 2010, but popularly known as "The Middle Finger"—was beautifully sculpted out of solid Carrara marble and displayed a stone’s throw from the former Borsa di commercio di Milano (Milan Stock Exchange).

Maurizio Cattelan, L.O.V.E. (Concrete Sculpture), 2015Medium: 1:28 scale reproduction of L.O.V.E by Maurizio Cattelan installed in 2010 in Piazza Affari Milan - Italy. Concrete Sculpture, including its original Wooden box.
Size: 7.1" x 7.1" x 15.8"  -  18cm x 18cm x 40cm
Weight: Approx. 7,5 kg (box included)
This limited edition was available for a limited time period only, in a run of 1,800 grey sculptures.
Stamped on the bottom.
Indoor and outdoor use.
The sculptures may have minor imperfections for the composition of the material.
Price: € 850

You can order this limited edition Maurizio Cattelan sculpture at New Art Editions