New Editions by: Nina Beier & Simon Denny

Nina Beier - Crybaby - 2019

Nina Beier - Crybaby - 2019In this edition for Spike, Nina Beier has inserted a pair of fake diamond earrings into the holes of a pumice stone. The title of the work, Crybaby, suggests it’s a face, morose even with its sparkling eyes, but at the same time it’s a surrealist image or a conceptual sculpture that makes one wonder about the relationship between its constituent parts: where is it that volcanic lava meets the world of commodity production, geology meets (imitation) jewelry?

Medium: Sculpture. Foot-scrub pumice stone, faux gemstone earrings
Edition of 30 + 5 AP
Each unique,
Signed and numbered on cardboard box
Price: € 650

Simon Denny - Extinction Hedge Avatar (King Island Brown Thornbill) - 2019

Simon Denny - Extinction Hedge Avatar (King Island Brown Thornbill) - 2019Denny’s edition for Spike is a silk-screen print of a collage of 360-degree renders of a nearly extinct Tasmanian bird known as the King Island brown thornbill. The bird has only been spotted five times since 1972, and the visualisation that is the source of this proto-AR avatar – created by Blair Burke of Art Processors in Melbourne – is based on the only two images ever taken of it. Citing the notion of a “mirror world” – the emergence of a possible internet of virtual doubles – the artist imagines his silk screen as a kind of “virtual hedge against extinction” that dangles the possibility of preserving rare species through a virtual copy.

Medium: Silkscreen on paper
Paper size 78 x 56 cm
Image size 53 x 41 cm
Edition of 30 + 5 AP
Signed and numbered on front
Price: € 600

These limited editions are available at Spike Art Quarterly