New editions by Weiner, Beasly, Titchner, et al

New Editions at the South London Gallery

The South London Gallery has released editions by Lawrence Weiner, Becky Beasley, Mark Titchner, Ernst Caramelle and Richard Healy.

Lawrence Weiner, ALL IN DUE COURSE, 2014Lawrence Weiner, ALL IN DUE COURSE, 2014

Having exhibited at the South London Gallery in the group shows Independence in 2003 and Nothing is Forever in 2010, acclaimed American artist and reluctant pioneer of conceptual art Lawrence Weiner returned to the gallery with a solo exhibition entitled ALL IN DUE COURSE in 2014. To accompany the exhibition, Lawrence Weiner produced this limited edition banner.

Medium: Three-colour silk screen print on cotton canvas,
Size: 50 x 100cm
Edition of 30
Signed and numbered on card label
Price: £2200

Becky Beasley, Astray, 2014Becky Beasley, Astray, 2014

Becky Beasley's live work, A Slight Nausea: An Interior was shown at the SLG in 2014. It presented a purposely designed décor which traced her interest in the relationship between literary images and interiors, evolving over four weekends. Astray is a brass cast of a cheap plastic hotel ashtray with the word ‘Astray’ added. In light of smoking bans and public health campaigns the production of Astray in 2014 is about loss and celebration and also about the repurposing of a type of object.

Medium: Brass,
Size: 10 x 12 x 4cm, editions variable
Edition of 21,
signed and numbered certificate
Price: £350 (SLG Fan Price £315)

All 5 new limited editions are available at the South London Gallery