Panamarenko print – “Blimp” – *SOLD*

Panamarenko, Blimp, 2013.   SOLD OUT

Panamarenko, Blimp, 2013.The zeppelin in the print is an early design for the zeppelin that Panamarenko later created and called 'The Aeromodeller' (now at the collection of the S.M.A.K. Ghent). The drawing of the zeppelin is an exercise from the late 1960s. Panamarenko places the zeppelin against a background of light blue leaf-shaped clouds that clearly refer to the four-leaf clover. Already as a child Panamarenko was fascinated by this rare lucky charm that appeals to the imagination, as is clear from the Four-leaf clovers do not exist series also published by Graphic Matter. At the top left is a historical document: the order, dated 23 February 1969, for the plastic canvas that Panamarenko ordered to construct the zeppelin.

The pink strip at the bottom with serigraphed illustrations was signed and numbered in pencil by the artist. The title Blimp is the English word for a small non-rigid airship and is full of the playful sounds that form a part of Panamarenko's universe. The edition was issued to mark the official opening of the Panamarenko House in Biekorfstraat 3, Antwerp, and is a joint initiative with the Panamarenko Collective.

Medium: Silk-screen (11 colours) on Steinbach 300 g, with zeppelin on PVC, floating on the print. Top left, pasted label. Comes in a plexi box.
Size: 24 cm high x 32 cm wide
Edition: 75
Signed and numbered

This limited edition Panamarenko print is available at Ludion