Performa editions – Barbara Kruger – Cindy Sherman

Barbara Kruger - Untitled (Vase) - 2020

Barbara Kruger - Untitled (Vase) - 2020 Barbara Kruger - Untitled (Vase) - 2020Barbara Kruger - Untitled (Vase) - 2020

Following her celebrated Performa 17 Commission Untitled (Skate)—for which she created merchandize including hoodies, t- shirts, beanies, and skateboards for a fake Supreme “drop”, alongside pasting slogans as a site-specific installation at Coleman Skatepark in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, reversing the appropriation of her work—Barbara Kruger has created her first vase. A delicate object made from porcelain, imprinted with text CULTURE and NATURE in black and blue, continuing her sharp critique of the structures of power and the role of culture in a Capitalist consumerist society.

Kruger began to perfect her signature style in the 1980s, using Futura Bold typeface to print aphorisms on black and white photographs; and to later produce large scale public facades, architecturally driven wall wraps, multi-channel videos, images, and projects that blur the line between items and art objects.

Medium: Glazed porcelain,
Size: 10 inches tall x 4 inches wide
Edition of 100
Signed  stamp signed and numbered
Price $2,000
12 weeks production time from date of purchase

Cindy Sherman - Untitled (Vanity Mirror) - 2020

Cindy Sherman - Untitled (Vanity Mirror) - 2020Cindy Sherman—-known for her iconic body of work that features herself performing as numerous fictitious characters, to create photographs that evoke media and cultural stereotypes alongside historical characters-—will make a hand-held vanity mirror edition for Performa’s 15th Anniversary. Created using distorted glass to replicate a fun-house experience—and a nod to her recent work on Instagram, where she uses facial distortion software to transform her image—the mirror will reflect the viewer’s face alongside Sherman’s own digitally distorted image printed onto the glass, allowing viewers to inhabit Sherman’s world momentarily. Sherman has previously stated: “I am trying to make other people recognize something of themselves rather than me.”

Medium: Corian, distorted mirror, photographic print,
Size: 6 inches wide x 8 inches long
Edition of 100
Signed and numbered
Price: $ 3,000
6 weeks production time from date of purchase

These limited edition works are available at Performa NYC