Peter Blake – Dazzle Disc

Peter Blake - Dazzle Disc (print)- 2016

Peter Blake - Dazzle Disc - 2016Dazzle Disc references Blake’s early work as well as his recent exploration of the ‘dazzle’ effect, which was originally a method of helping vessels avoid enemy detection in World War One. In 2015 Blake was commissioned to ‘dazzle’ a Mersey Ferry, the result was ‘Everybody Razzle Dazzle’ and the print it inspired ‘Dazzle’. The choice of a circular format for this new work has multiple resonances; the most obvious being that of a vinyl record, but also a badge, a film reel, a rose window.

His choice of the word ‘disc’ is certainly suggestive of the influence music and musicians have had throughout his career.  The composition was originally created as a stained glass window for installation at Worton Hall Studios (the printmaking centre in London where Blake has his own studio space). Blake has also made a small and large version stained glass edition, to be released soon.

Medium: Silkscreen print on paper with UV glaze
Paper size: 81 x 72 cm
Edition size: 100
Signed and numbered
Price: £1,250

Peter Blake - Dazzle Disc (stained glass, small - 2016

Peter Blake - Dazzle Disc (stained glass, small - 2016Medium: Stained glass
Image Size: 60 x 60 cm
Edition Size: 20
Price: £3,600 (incl. VAT)

Peter Blake - Dazzle Disc (stained glass, large - 2016

Peter Blake - Dazzle Disc (stained glass, large & small) - 2016Medium: Stained glass
Image Size: 100 x 100 cm
Edition Size: 10
Price: £6,000 (incl. VAT)

The Sir Peter Blake  Dazzle Disc limited editions are now available to order from CCA Galleries