Rachel Whiteread – Vienna Belvedere

Rachel Whiteread - Vienna - 2018

Rachel Whiteread - Vienna - 2018For more than thirty years, Rachel Whiteread (b. 1963) has been materializing the intangible. Her work makes visible that which has disappeared, awakening memories of things irretrievably lost.

On the occasion of the comprehensive Rachel Whiteread exhibition at the Belvedere 21, the edition Vienna has been developed in close cooperation with the artist. Each number is a framed direct-from-original print of a punched postcard work created by the artist to reflect the special position that her art occupies in Vienna. The postcard shows Whiteread's Holocaust Monument, which has stood on the city square Judenplatz since the year 2000. The monument depicts the negative space of a fictive library. While the artist's earlier works of this sort generally are casts of real hollow cavities, the "impression" of invisible exterior space is of relevance in this work. Those who visit it symbolically lay down at the monument their thoughts, memories and experiences relating to the Holocaust. Rachel Whiteread captures this invisible thought space surrounding the Holocaust Monument in her postcard, recalling to memory the disappearance of the Jewish victims of the Shoah in Austria.

Medium: Fine-art inkjet print, framed
Size: 25 x 33.7 cm
Edition of 50 + 10 a.p.
Signed and numbered
Price: € 1,600 excl. VAT.

This limited edition Rachel Whiteread print is available at Belvedere 21