Rebecca Warren – La Volta

Rebecca Warren, La Volta, 2001-2016

Rebecca Warren, La Volta, 2016‘La Volta’ is named after a risqué sixteenth-century couples dance which featured leaping turns and notoriously intimate embraces. The edition expresses Warren’s characteristic celebration and subversion of the history of art, and in particular the trope of the female nude. Here, the classical truncated nude is rendered with an expressionistic sense of relaxed exuberance, at odds with the clichés of the genre. Hand-shaped in clay then cast in bronze, ‘La Volta’ revels in the earthily sensual pulling, pinching, and squeezing of hands on a malleable clay body.

‘La Volta’ has been created exclusively for Counter Editions to coincide with Rebecca Warren’s first American museum retrospective, ‘Rebecca Warren: The Main Feeling’, at the Dallas Museum of Art, Texas.

Medium: Bronze sculpture
Size: 10 x 21 x 5.5 cm
Edition of 40 sculptures
Accompanied by a numbered and dated certificate signed by the artist
Price: €8,700

This limited edition Rebecca Warren sculpture is available for pre-order at Counter Editions
Please note that the price will increase as the edition sells out.