Richard Prince edition – Greeting Card. *SOLD*

Richard Prince, Greeting Card, 2011. SOLD OUT

Richard Prince, Greeting Card, 2011.We have some last copies available of this long sold out edition. This Collector’s Edition is associated with the text-images from Richard Prince’s Jokes. Looking like classic Hallmark cards, three greeting cards each feature a joke handwritten by the artist:

Fireman pulling drunk out of burning bed: “You darn fool, that’ll teach you to smoke in bed.” Drunk: “I wasn’t smoking in bed. It was on fire when I laid down.”

A husband came home and found his wife in bed with his best friend. “ Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” said the husband.  “See?” she said to the man beside her. “I told you he was stupid.”

My father was never home, he was always away drinking booze. He saw a sigh saying DRINK CANADA DRY. So he went up there.

Medium; 3 Greeting cards with foil stamped jokes, handwritten by the artist, in envelope, with book
Card size: 21.6 × 14 cm
Limited edition of 100 each,
Signed and numbered in interior of card
Price: $1.000  (Last one available)

This limited edition is available at New Art Editions