Rinko Kawauchi – Untitled, from Illuminance

Rinko Kawauchi - Untitled, from Illuminance - 2021

This limited-edition photograph by world-renowned Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi was featured in the Aperture monograph Illuminance, the artist’s first book published outside of her native Japan. This body of previously unpublished photographs showcases Kawauchi’s ability to take ordinary life moments and turn them into extraordinary images. States the artist, “I want imagination in the photographs…a photograph is like a prologue. You wonder, ‘What's going on?’ You feel something is going to happen.” As Kawauchi intended, this image, with its subtle colour palette punctuated with iridescent sparks of confetti, incites curiosity in the viewer, making us wonder about what we are looking at and what will happen next.

Rinko Kawauchi - Untitled, from Illuminance - 2021Medium: C-print
Paper Size: 20 1/16 x 20 1/16 inch.
Image Size: 19 3/4 x19 3/4 inch.
Edition of 10 + 4AP
Signed and numbered
Price: $ 3,000

This limited edition photograph is available now from Aperture.

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