Sam Moyer – Remainder *SOLD*

Sam Moyer - Remainder I-V, 2014  SOLD OUT

Sam Moyer, Remainder I-V, 2014This new stone-bronze painting edition builds directly on the centerpiece of Sam Moyer’s most recent exhibition, creating five new works: a series of smaller-scale wall works that incorporate the shattered fragments of a massive marble platform sculpture. Moyer takes this loaded, classical material and encases it in bronze, a rich and evocative material historically used for the elevation and memorialization of artistic subjects. With “Remainder I-V,” Moyer isn’t interested in creating monuments, but in breaking down and salvaging the remnants of something larger, which then become significant on their own. The bronze and marble have been used like canvas and paint, creating stark compositions.

Medium: Marble bronze painting
Size: 13.25 x 11.25 inches
Edition of 5 +2 AP (each unique)
Price: $7,000  SOLD OUT

This Sam Moyer edition is available at Primary Information