Sam Taylor-Wood, Sarah Morris, Mark Quinn – New editions

Marc Quinn, A Moment of Clarity, 2012.

Marc Quinn, A Moment of Clarity, 2012. This print reflects many of the themes that run through Marc Quinn’s oeuvre. The photograph contrasts an urban image — a young man in a hooded sweatshirt and tracksuit bottoms — holding a skull and coming face to face with his own mortality. It represents a pause in hectic city life and its ghostly inversion as a haunting monochromatic image — achieved by inverting the photograph — lends the work an ethereal presence that emphasises the fragility of human existence.

Medium: Digital print on Somerset 300gsm
Paper size: 375 x 268 mm
Image size: 365 x 258mm
Edition of 150
Signed and numbered
Price: £ 480

Sam Taylor-Wood, Night Water I, 2012.

Sam Taylor-Wood, Night Water I, 2012.For the series of pictures called ‘Night Water’, Sam Taylor-Wood photographed Aaron Johnson late at night in the pool of the Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles. Transformed by the blurring effects of the water, the figure takes on a painterly appearance, giving the photograph an otherworldly quality that transcends its setting. The chiaroscuro and limited palette bring to mind Pictorialism, the early Modernist movement in photography that strived to make pictures that were haunting and evocative, stirring the viewer’s imagination. As is often the case, Taylor-Wood has used the body as an expressive instrument to conjure deep, elemental emotions.

Medium: C-Type photographic print
Paper Size: 457 x 356 mm
Image Size: 407 x 306 mm
Edition of 150
Signed on front and numbered on reverse
Price: £ 360

Sarah Morris, London, 2012.

Sarah Morris, London, 2012.In this print, Sarah Morris has referenced an archetypal symbol of London — Big Ben — to explore ideas of surface seduction. This print, like her paintings, seems purely abstract but actually references elements of the city — its signs, colours, maps and systems — to make a complex two dimensional image. The print is based on an artwork that Morris produced for a poster for the 2012 Paralympic Games, and on a larger installation which can be seen at Gloucester Road Tube Station from June 2012.

Medium: Digital print on rag paper with glaze
Size: 380 x 300 mm
Edition of 200
Signed and numbered
Price: £ 360

These new limited editions are available at White Cube here