Silvia Bächli – Ohne Titel – Along Long Lines *SOLD*

Silvia Bächli - Ohne Titel - Along Long Lines - 2022 SOLD OUT

Silvia Bächli - Ohne Titel - Along Long Lines - 2022As part of the exhibition Silvia Bächli. Along long Lines, the Weserburg is offering eight original drawings by the internationally renowned artist as an edition. Interested parties can choose one work from a series of 16 new drawing sheets that are part of the exhibition presentation. The offer is valid until eight works are sold or at the time the exhibition ends (October 9, 2022).

Medium: Oil pastel on paper
Size: 15 × 22,5 cm
Edition of 8 out of a selection of 16, each unique
Price: € 1,000

This limited edition Silvia Bächli work is available at Weserburg.