Takashi Murakami for #BLM *SOLD*

Takashi Murakami for #BLM  SOLD OUT

Takashi Murakami for #BLM Takashi Murakami for #BLM Takashi Murakami for #BLM Takashi Murakami for #BLM Takashi Murakami for #BLM Takashi Murakami for #BLM

"I have said that a role of an artist is to discern the present and express it for the future audience. But if my art can effect any change here and now, I want to contribute it not only to give back but to give power to the Black community plagued by the racial injustice."

"And so I decided to produce a series of prints for sale, to donate the entire proceeds to the U.S. organizations fighting for social justice and racial equality. In order to get directly engaged in the movement that is taking place in America, I asked @NTWRK to be my partner for the project."

"I will be releasing six black prints featuring my quintessential flower and skull designs, each edition of 300, through @NTWRK. Each print will be silkscreened and I will finish the individual work with spray paint."

"I am in discussion with NTWRK to arrange for 100% of the sales to go to various organizations dedicated to changing the systems oppressing the Black community, including @blklivesmatter, @eji_org, and @colorofchange."

"Additional details on the release of the print collection, including pricing and launch date, will be announced in the coming weeks. (The images shown here are the design mockups created digitally.)" #blacklivesmatter

- Takashi Murakami

More details will Follow.