The Hepworth Wakefield: Magali Reus – Cerith Wyn Evans – Michael Dean

The Hepworth Prize for Sculpture  was established in 2016 as a £30,000 biennial award recognising a British or UK-based artist of any age, at any stage in their career who has made a significant contribution to the development of contemporary sculpture.

In October 2018 the second Hepworth Prize for Sculpture exhibition opened, presenting art work by the shortlisted artists Michael Dean, Mona Hatoum, Phillip Lai, Magali Reus and Cerith Wyn Evans. To coincide with this The Hepworth Wakefield has launched three Artist Editions.

All profits from these editions directly support The Hepworth Wakefield’s ambitious exhibition and learning programmes.

Magali Reus - Alps - 2018

Magali Reus - Alps - 2018Reus’s sculptures are accumulations of images and things – she draws on objects she finds around her, recombining them into something strange and unfamiliar. Although a keen observer of the physical world, Reus avoids using readymade objects, instead each element of her sculptural jigsaws has been meticulously fabricated using a mixture of technological and traditionally craft-based techniques. Colours, materials, textures, sizes, shapes are all manipulated, throwing everyday habits of association into disarray, inviting the viewer to question the way objects may take on – or shed – meanings.

Medium: Fibreglass
Dimensions: 33 x 23 x 3 cm
Edition of 14 + 5 AP
Accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate
Pre-order price: £ 1,200
Will ship early 2019.

Cerith Wyn Evans - ...Instead (modified threshold) - 2018

Cerith Wyn Evans - ...Instead (modified threshold) - 2018I’m delighted at the opportunity to engage with the architecture of The Hepworth. It’s refreshing in its acknowledgement that the vicissitudes of light and time are intrinsic to the appreciation of sculpture and plastic form that for all too long has merely been considered 3-Dimensional.

This artwork, created exclusively for The Hepworth Wakefield is based on the speeds of sound and light and measures, specifically exactly one metre in width. The edition is typical of Wyn Evans’ practice which often links light, sound and the written word to create works distinguished by a minimalist aesthetic.

Using clear vinyl is an attempt to rupture existing systems of communication. Cerith Wyn Evans often uses this practice in his work—subverting certain given material forms, disrupting spatial-temporal coordinates, or adopting a communal rather than singular authorial voice.

Medium: Vinyl text
Size: 100 cm
Edition of 20 (plus gallery proofs)
Authenticated with a Certificate of Authenticity, install instructions and a copy of the work stored on a CD.
Price: £ 1,000

Michael Dean - LOL (Working title) - 2018

Michael Dean: LOL (Working title) - 2018For The Hepworth Wakefield, Michael Dean has created a jacket adorned with emoji patches, which spell out LOL on both front and reverse. Drawn to the evolution of the acronym LOL (laughing out loud) and its development into the ‘laugh-out-loud-to-the-point-of-crying’ emoji, Dean has incorporated these motifs into much of his recent work. Somewhere between picture and word, the acronym and emoticon combined allow us to consider how we contain and communicate emotion in our increasingly digital world.

Medium: Bomber jacket with LOL patches
Size: 81 x 98 x 4 cm
Edition of 6 + 2AP
Image of working proof.
Price: £ 825

All three Artist Editions are available at The Hepworth Wakefield