The Magnum Square Print Sale – The Unexpected *EXPIRED*

The Magnum Square Print Sale presents The Unexpected.  EXPIRED

Flower Seller. Dal Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir. 1996.The Unexpected brings together a selection of over 90 images by international photographic artists. Celebrating the unpredictability of life, this curation explores the happy accidents and unusual turns of events that lead to memorable images.

From its earliest days, photography has been associated with the unexpected: documentation of under-explored issues, reporting of events unfurling in far-flung locations, or single frames capturing split seconds of levity. This collection of 90+ prints is available for one week only in this format. It represents the breadth and variety not only of the practices and outlooks within Magnum’s membership, but also of what photography can convey and capture.

Featuring prints by legendary Aperture and Magnum photographers—including Steve McCurry, Thomas Hoepker, Cristina de Middel, Alec Soth, Martin Parr, Jim Goldberg, Danny Lyon and many more.

For one week only, you can collect these signed or estate-stamped, 6-by-6-inch, museum-quality images, exceptionally priced at just $100+tax / £100 including tax / €110 including tax. No sales tax will be charged for international orders outside of the EU & UK. However, any order delivered to an address outside of the USA, the EU and UK will be subject to customs and import duties.

The prints were only available for purchase between March 22, at 8AM New York time and March 28, 2021, at 12Pm Los Angeles time at Magnum