Thomas Ruff – Star – benefit print * SOLD *

Thomas Ruff, Star 16h 08m /-25°, 1992/2016   SOLD OUT

Thomas Ruff, Star 16h 08m /-25°, 1992/2016Thomas Ruff’s early fascination with astronomy eventually led to the creation of his groundbreaking star series. Since his equipment could not sufficiently capture the night sky, he acquired an archive of images from The European Southern Observatory and set out to enlarge specific details using his own system of classification. The breathtaking results explore the very nature of representation and abstraction; because the stars themselves come with their own designations and proper names, there are various levels of image recognition or comprehension, all dependent on one’s knowledge of celestial objects.

Medium: C-print
Image size: 55.12 x 36.61 inches (140 x 93 centimeters)
Paper size: 61.02 x 42.91 inches (155 x 109 centimeters)
Edition of 30 + 4 Directors Proofs + 4 Artist Proofs
Signed and numbered by the artist on verso
Printed by Grieger GmbH + Co. KG, Düsseldorf

These limited edition Thomas Ruff prints are available via the American Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum