Whitechapel Gallery editions – Jan 2015

Adam Pendleton, if the function of writing is to express the world, 2014  SOLD OUT

Adam Pendleton if the function of writing is to express the world, 2014

The print has three dimensional  as well as graphic  qualities,  featuring  a cropped reference to the work’s title created with  a relief of collaged lettering

Medium: Screen print on 4-ply museum board, with hand applied screen print letters on 2-ply museum board
Size: 84.71 x 63.5 cm
Edition of 20 works

David Batchelor, Found Monochrome (black) 15 Newcastle 11.05.09 (2015)

David Batchelor Found Monochrome (black) 15 Newcastle 11.05.09 (2015)

For nearly two decades David Batchelor has been photographing found white monochrome panels  of posters, signs, timetables etc in London and other cities in the UK and all over the world, from Glasgow,  Berlin, Stockholm, Madrid, New York, Sao Paulo,  Mexico City, Hong Kong and Shanghai among others. The resulting series of 500 images of white monochromes have been presented in a number of different forms since he began making them in the 1990’s, appearing  as photographic prints, 35mm slide projections, digital projections and also in book form. As a footnote to this project, a small series of 10 found black monochromes also evolved, referencing Malevich’s famous black square. Batchelor’s limited edition:  Found Monochrome (black) 15, Newcastle, 11.05.09, 2014 , 2015 was produced from this series  for the Whitechapel Gallery.

Medium: Digital c type print printed on a Lamda machine on Fuji crystal archive M
Size: 50.8 x 40.5 cm
Edition of 55
Signed and numbered
Price: £395 (Members £355.50)

Nazgol Ansarinia,  Reflections/Refractions 26th Oct 2014 (2015)

Nazgol Ansarinia Reflections/Refractions 26th Oct 2014 (2015)

Medium: Printing ink on aluminium printing plate
Size: 60 x 74.5 cm
Edition of 70
Signed and numbered
Price: £495 (Members £445.50)

These limited editions are available at Whitechapel Gallery