Candida Hofer – Hanoi 1 *SOLD*

Candida Hofer, Hanoi 1 , 2013.    SOLD OUT

Hofer,Candida: Hanoi 1 , 2013. It was during a trip to Hanoi that Candida Höfer saw the staircase featured in Hanoi 1, 2013. With its flowing lines and stunning structure it felt as though it was ‘ simply patiently waiting' and in a spontaneous response, with only a small hand-camera and no tripod or equipment, Hofer recorded this moment - with the light just as she encountered it.

This remarkable photographic work, Hanoi 1 (2013), was produced exclusively for the Whitechapel Gallery in response to the Karl Blossfeldt exhibition in Spring 2013. Blossfeldt (1865–1932) is recognised for his extensive and unique collection of photographic plant portraits, revealing the tactile qualities, intricate forms and uncanny aspects of flora. His almost encyclopaedic cataloguing of natural forms finds a commonality in the work of Höfer, demonstrated in her lyrical pursuit of form and structure within our surrounding  world.

Medium: Digital C-Print on Fuji Cristal Archive DP II paper.
Size: 47 x 40 cm
Edition of  25,
Signed and numbered on the reverse
Price members: SOLD OUT

This limited edition Candida Hofer print is available at Whitechapel Gallery here