Yoko Ono – The Room Without A Shadow *SOLD*

Yoko Ono - The Room Without A Shadow, 2012.   SOLD OUT

Yoko Ono - The Room Without A Shadow, 2012Accompanying the Yoko Ono exhibition To The Light at London’s Serpentine Gallery, a limited edition print is available for purchase. This text piece is composed of thirteen parts. Presented in a box designed by the artist herself it includes a single instruction piece written across thirteen cards and is characteristic of Ono’s work with letters and words. Focusing on ideas and potential actions rather than physical objects, the text reads as:  A shadow / is / a memory / of / us / it disappears / as / soon as we / walk / away / from / it /. /.

Text piece composed of 13 parts plus signed title card, with presentation box
Digital print on paper
Each print 11.5 x 17 cm
Edition of 23
Price:   SOLD OUT

You can order this limited Yoko Ono edition at the Serpentine Gallery