Yoko Ono multiple – Grow Love with Me *SOLD*

Yoko Ono, Grow Love with Me, 2013.  SOLD OUT

Yoko Ono, Grow Love with Me, 2013.For the Serpentine Gallery Yoko Ono has produced Grow Love with Me. This organic artwork consists of a 'Magic Bean', which when grown, reveals the word LOVE. Laser etched onto the seed by a patented process, the word first appears on the outer seed coat covering the inner cotyledon. Without coaxing, after a day or two the seed coat will fall away to reveal the word on the inner cotyledon. At first the inner cotyledon is yellow, but with the addition of sunlight quickly turns green. The seed then begins to splay open, shooting a leaf upward, bearing the same word LOVE.

Nestled within a growing medium inside a recyclable aluminium can, the bean is of the species Canavalia Gladiata, also known as the Swordbean. The bean pods of the Canavalia Gladiata plant are sword shaped, and contain many large bean seeds. Once developed the plant may be transferred into a large pot or into the ground to grow. The fast growing vine will climb and quickly cover a trellis, fence or wall. The message bean plant will continue to grow for several years if it is grown in a warm climate, or kept indoors in a cooler climate.

Medium: Aluminium can, bean
Price: £26  SOLD OUT

This Yoko Ono multiple is available at Serpentine Gallery 

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