Yoko Ono – My Mommy Is Beautiful

Yoko Ono - My Mommy Is Beautiful, 1997 - 2018

Yoko Ono - My Mommy Is Beautiful, 1997 - 2018

Liverpool Biennial is delighted to announce My Mommy Is Beautiful, 1997/2018, 2 limited edition prints created by artist Yoko Ono. The works relate to her participations in International 04. John Lennon's memories of Liverpool were in Yoko Ono's thoughts when she decided how to respond to the invitation to participate in International 04. The project My Mummy Was Beautiful (2004) consisted of the widespread distribution in the city of two images: of a woman's breast and vagina.

The project can be linked thematically with many earlier works by the artist that present an objectified and dislocated view of the body. For instance, Cut Piece (1964) was a performance in which member of the audience were invited to cut away the artists clothing. A number of her films focus on bodily details, including Film No 4 Bottoms (1966), showing the naked bottoms of people walking. In Celebration of Being Human, realised in 1994 in Langenhagen, Germany, displaced political campaign posters and saturated every advertising site throughout the small town, as well as being distributed through newspaper advertising, postcard, umbrellas and so on.

Medium: 2 Pigment inkjet prints on Cold Press Natural paper
Size: 32.48 x 32.48 cm each
Edition of 101
Signed and numbered by the artist
Price per print: £ 800

These limited edition Yoko Ono prints are available at Liverpool Biennial 
Also new editions available by Silke Otto-Knapp, Dale Harding, Inci Eviner and Holly Hendry