Adam Parker Smith — Forever Yours (Floral)

Forever Yours (Floral) is a series of custom foil heart balloons suspended in resin by Adam Parker Smith. The patterns and text on the encased balloons were designed by Smith and are reminiscent of tokens of affection available at bodegas and corner stores across the world, often found attached to a plastic stick peeking out of a bouquet of flowers. The sentiment carries an element of brevity both in the association to ‘Quick Stop’-type convenience and the fleeting existence of these gifts. Balloons are adored because they mark a special occasion, but they never survive more than a few days; here, Smith casts the hearts in resin so that they can last forever, as if fossils suspended in amber. The emotional reaction we have to an object that reminds us so vividly of the magic of love and youth is epitomized in the foil heart balloon, even if it is fleeting, low-cost and disposable.

Adam Parker Smith — Forever Yours (Floral) - 2023

Adam Parker Smith — Forever Yours (Floral) - 2023Medium: Foil heart balloon suspended in resin
Size: 8 x 7.5 x 6 inches
Edition of 20
Price TBC

This limited edition Adam Parker Smith resin sculpture will be released January 26 - 12 PM EST at Louis Buhl & Co.