Anna Maria Maiolino – São vinte e um

Anna Maria Maiolino - São vinte e um [They are twenty one] - 2019

Anna Maria Maiolino - São vinte e um [They are twenty one] - 2019Opening Anna Maria Maiolino's Whitechapel Gallery exhibition are hundreds of simple shapes made of clay such as balls, rolls and snakes. Slight variations evidence the work of the hand, kneading and shaping the primal material of art – mud. Maiolino’s gestural forms evoke baking, housework and objects of ritual. A sense of fragility permeates the raw clay, as it dehydrates and changes colour.

As a continuation of this exhibited work, Maiolino has generously created 21 unique works for Whitechapel Gallery. Each piece is hand-made in clay by Maiolino and then fired to form 21 individual variants. These works also relate closely to the series Terra Modelada, (Modelled Earth), which is ongoing since 1994.

Medium: Sculpture, Fired clay.
Dimensions variable: approx 10 x 10 x 8 cm
Series of 21 unique works
The base of each piece is signed by Maiolino and is certified with Anna Maria Maiolino Studio’s archival number
Price: £3,000  -  (Members £2,700)

These limited edition Anna Maria Maiolino sculptures are available at Whitechapel Gallery