New Maria Merz sculpture for Serpentine Gallery

Marisa Merz, Untitled, 2013 

Marisa Merz, Untitled, 2013Marisa Merz (born 1926, Turin, Italy) was actively involved with the Italian artistic movement Arte Povera in the late 1960s. Awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the 2013 Venice Biennale, today Merz is regarded as one of the world’s leading artists.

The only woman affiliated with the Arte Povera group, Merz’s work has often included textiles, linking forms of traditionally feminine creativity with Arte Povera's call to embrace 'poor' or 'low' materials. Merz continues to demonstrate a sense of openness with regard to materials and processes, as seen in her application of craft techniques, such as weaving and knitting, to non-traditional materials, including nylon, copper and iron.

In conjunction with her exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery (her first solo exhibition in a UK public institution) Merz has created 12 unique Limited Edition sculptures. Each sculpture comprises an oblong block of paraffin wax, onto which Merz has carefully placed an array of dried petals. Both these materials, and the way in which they are combined, are exemplary of Merz’s delicate aesthetic and varied practice.

Medium: Box with paraffin and flowers
Size (closed): 35 x 26 x 5 cm
Size (open): 35 x 26 x 18 cm
Edition of 12
Price: £4,300 (excl. VAT) £5,160 (incl. VAT)

This limited edition Maria Merz sculpture is available at Serpentine Gallery