Annette Messager ‘Interdictions’

Annette Messager, Interdictions, 2014

Annette Messager, Interdictions, 2014 Annette Messager's new work Les interdictions en 2014 consists of 68 drawings (a reference to the revolutionary events of May 1968 in Paris) that  represent various forms of prohibition from around the world. These range from everyday restrictions such as bans on taking photographs or smoking, all the way to censorious laws based on cultural-political values such as the ban on  women driving in Saudi Arabia. Here as well, Annette Messager addresses serious themes, the forces that concern and define people in everyday life, in a poetic and humorous manner.

Medium: 2 lithographs on BFK Rives 250 g paper printed by Atelier Idem (Paris), assembled in a canvas portfolio,
Lithographs: 26 x 26 cm (each),
Portfolio: 27 x 28,5 cm,
Edition of 30 and 10 AP,
Signed and numbered,
Price: €400

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