Barbara Klemm – “Andy Warhol” Photograph *SOLD*

Barbara Klemm, Andy Warhol, 1981-2012  SOLD OUT

Barbara Klemm, Andy Warhol, 1981-2012With her political and social picture stories, Barbara Klemm is one of the most important journalistic photographers in Germany.

The figure of Andy Warhol shows him in a moment that is neither sensational nor glamorous, but rather identifies him at first glance as an average museum visitor. Warhol has placed himself in front of a huge portrait of Goethe in the German Stadl museum, he looks at the photographer, the corners of his mouth turned down. Probably Warhol positioned himself in front of the portrait, for Barbara Klemm hardly ever gives any instructions to the people in front of her camera.

Johann Tischbein’s ‘Goethe in the Roman Campagna 1786-87’ is an iconic painting though the anatomy of Goethe is poorly executed. Nevertheless Warhol fell in love with this painting, chopped off Goethe's head and created in that same year a huge painting of it. In 1982 Warhol produced his Goethe screenprint series and "promoted" Goethe to Marilyn cult stardom.

Barbara Klemm's limited edition Andy Warhol photograph accompanies her running exhibition at the KestnerGesellschaft, Gemany.
Size inculding frame: 30x40 cm
Signed verso
Edition size: 33
Price: € 330  SOLD OUT

This limited edition photograph can be ordered at the KestnerGesellschaft here