Cecilia Vicuña – El Pueblo Unido

Cecilia Vicuña - El Pueblo Unido - 2023

Cecilia Vicuña - El Pueblo Unido - 2023Cecilia Vicuña has generously produced this limited edition artwork in support of Tate.

For her limited edition, Vicuña draws on memories of her time in London while in exile from 1973-75. The work depicts 12 pieces of wallpaper which she tore from the walls of her London flat. On each piece of wallpaper, she wrote a part of the phrase 'El pueblo unido jamás será vencido' which is the title of a Chilean protest song written by Sergio Ortega Alvarado and Quilapayún. The phrase translates to 'The people united will never be defeated' and has been adopted by various political movements around the world. The wallpaper pieces are treated like a deck of cards, intended to be dealt and rearranged to create new words and meaning. They are part of a larger work, Precarios: A Journal of Objects for the Chilean Resistance, 1973–4, which is in the Tate collection and currently on display in Tate Britain.

Medium: Digital pigment print with screen-printed varnish on paper
Size: 70.4 x 52 cm
Edition of 50
Signed and numbered on front
Price: £ 2,350

This limited edition Cecilia Vicuña print is available at Tate