Cerith Wyn Evans – Exterior (night)

Cerith Wyn Evans, Exterior (night)... 2014. 

Cerith Wyn Evans, Exterior (night)... 2014.To accompany his exhibition at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, Cerith Wyn Evans has created a new neon Limited Edition. The text Exterior (night)... is reversed so that it is only possible to read it ‘correctly’ in the reflection of a polished surface, such as a window at night. Evoking the language used in scripts to set the scene of a play, the work implies that the action happening in the room where it is situated is its true focus. 'A subtitle to everyday life'.

Medium: Neon
Size: 12.9cm x 93.8cm
Edition of 30 + 2 APs
Price: £3.500

This limited edition neon by Cerith Wyn Evans is available at Serpentine Galleries