Cornelia Parker – A Little Drop of Gin *SOLD*

Cornelia Parker - A Little Drop of Gin - 2016  SOLD OUT

Cornelia Parker - A Little Drop of Gin - 2016Acclaimed artist Cornelia Parker has made a limited-edition print for exhibition FOUND at The Foundling Museum. Nicknamed 'mother's ruin', gin had a role to play in the establishment of the Foundling Hospital and often featured in the paintings of William Hogarth. During the early 1700s when Thomas Coram returned to London, the city was in the grip of the Gin Craze, and by 1730 London was distilling around ten million gallons annually. On describing the print Parker says: "I’ve made a limited-edition print for the show using a 1750s gin glass; it’s a proletariat glass, which is quite a chunky thing, not very elegant. There are not many of them around now because the working-class gin glasses, once ubiquitous, have mostly not been conserved. Recently I’ve been making photogravures using real objects, so I placed this glass and some spots of gin directly onto the chemically prepared plate. The resulting etching looks like somebody’s dropped their glass, perhaps when inebriated. There is a rhyme from Hogarth’s day: ‘Little nips of whisky, little drops of gin, make a lady wonder where on earth she’s bin'."

Medium: Polymer photogravure etching on Fabriano Tiepolo Bianco 290gsm paper
Dimensions: 350 x 350mm, unframed
Edition of 120
Signed and numbered
Price: £250  SOLD OUT

This limited edition Cornelia Parker print is available at the Foundling Museum