David Hockney – 220 for 2020 – TASCHEN XXL. *SOLD*

David Hockney - 220 for 2020 - TASCHEN XXL - 2022⁠. SOLD OUT

 David Hockney - 220 for 2020 - TASCHEN XXL - 2022⁠From a small, picturesque farmhouse in the rich fields and meadows of Normandy, David Hockney followed the changing seasons across 2020 and into the new year. He used his iPad to spontaneously depict impressions of the landscape surrounding him, catching the first spring blossoms, the smell of summer, the saturated colours of autumn, and the stark shapes of dark branches in winter time. The 220 (plus four bonus) iPad paintings in this book are printed with up to seven special colours to match the richness of the artist’s vision and tipped in on a dark blue paper stock. A short introduction by Hockney reveals how this planned project became a lifeline during the COVID lockdown, from which he spread his message of hope: “Remember they can’t cancel the spring.”

The book is accompanied by a smaller extra volume of ink and watercolour drawings: the complete facsimiles of two sketchbooks from 2019, starting in the vicinity of the artist’s Los Angeles home and following him along scouting trips around Normandy. Both volumes come in a clamshell box with the artist’s iPad painting of an aerial view of the Normandy house and garden on the inside of the lid.

 David Hockney - 220 for 2020 - TASCHEN XXL - 2022⁠Medium: Hardcover, 2 volumes in a clamshell box; Vol. 1: 43.6 x 31.2 cm, 236 pages; Vol. 2: 28 x 19.8 cm, 174 pages
Edition of 1620
Numbered and stamped
Price: € 2500

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