David Robbins edition – Memento *SOLD*

David Robbins, Memento (From Andy With Love), 2012  SOLD OUT

David Robbins, Memento (From Andy With Love), 2012."I began working for Warhol when I first moved to New York at the end of 1979 and continued at the Factory until early 1981. During the week I worked for Interview magazine and occasionally for Andy Warhol TV, and I came in to work on Saturdays too, when it was usually just Andy, Vincent Fremont, and myself. Andy did a lot of painting on Saturdays. I assisted him in extremely minor ways, such as handing him a container of paint when he requested it. I wasn't making art yet, myself. I hadn't gone to art school. Direct engagement with the New York art world provided my art education, and of course observing Andy was a big part of that. I'm sure that my time at the Factory influenced the way my work later developed along multi-disciplinary lines, when I would have art, writing, and TV projects all going at once.

When Adora Porcelain invited me to create an editioned plate for their program, I knew right away that I wanted to do something that played off a plate's objecthood; I didn't want an image alone. I zeroed in on the commemorative function that can attach to plates as souvenirs of sentimental experiences—weddings (royal and otherwise), visits to romantic or historic travel destinations, and so forth. A written dedication too fits the sentimental bill. Warhol had scribbled a dedication to me inside my copy of The Philosophy of Andy Warhol, so I transposed that onto the plate photomechanically, then added a sort of authoring hallmark for good measure."

Medium: Plate, Adora Porcelain,
Size: 10.25 diameter,
Edition: 150,
Signed and numbered
Price: $125 (Members: $93,75)

This limited David Robbins edition is available at New Museum