David Shrigley – 19 Unique Works *Only 3 Remaining*

David Shrigley - 19 Unique Works - 2020 Only 3 Remaining

David Shrigley - 19 Original Works - 2020David Shrigley and Stephen Freidman Gallery have published 19 unique pieces currently displayed at the Wellcome Collection as part of the exhibition Joy: On Happiness. The exhibition explores the experience of euphoria and the effect of positive emotion on the human body. Joy can be healing, encourage renewal and regrowth and unify people. New works on paper by David Shrigley are exhibited alongside commissions by Harold Offeh and Amalia Pica, as well as historical objects dating back to the fifteenth century. The presentation explores how different peoples have sought joy throughout history.

Medium: Ink on paper
Paper size: 42 x 29.7 cm
19 Unique Works
Price: £3,200

These David Shrigley pieces are available now from Stephen Freidman Gallery