Ed Atkins – Young Doublet

Ed Atkins - Young Doublet - 2019

Ed Atkins - Young Doublet - 2019For Kunsthaus Bregenz Ed Atkins has materialised what was once immaterial. A purple doublet with white ruffs — as sported by the boy protagonist in Atkins’ Old Food, and which previously only existed as a computer generated object by Daniel Magyar and sold at TurboSquid — has been made into a set of unique editions in collaboration with tailor Stephanie Wladika. Perfectly and perversely making manifest what was a photorealistic digital ghost, Young Doublet is an exquisite, conceptually profound artwork that distills Atkins’ Old Food into one unreal, desperately sad costume, scaled for a child who does not exist, from a history that never happened.
Limited edition of 25 + 5 A.P.
Price: € 5,800

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