Erwin Wurm – Hanging Pullover *SOLD*

Erwin Wurm - Hanging Pullover - 2017  SOLD OUT

Erwin Wurm - Hanging Pullover - 2017 Erwin Wurm - Hanging Pullover - 2017 Erwin Wurm - Hanging Pullover - 2017

In the late 1980s, Erwin Wurm started to use items of clothing as the source material for his sculptures. He pulled jackets, trousers, shirts and other items over cubes and cylinders. The works thrive on the contrast between their relationship to the human body and the dissociation caused by being forced over a geometric shape. In 1990 this developed into the Hanging Pullovers, which are no longer attached to an object, but rather hang on the wall like pictures, while also taking on a sculptural quality as a result of the specific way in which they are folded. Conversely, items of clothing are also folded and placed in boxes.

In 2017 these works were accompanied by instructions for the first time, making it possible for the viewer to understand the folding process with the aid of drawings and comments. In these clothing works, Wurm on the one hand points to a classic sculptural method, transforming a practical everyday object into a work of art by robbing it of its function. At the same time, he shifts the focus away from the object itself and towards the sculptural process of creating, which he potentially even transfers to the recipient.

As part of his solo show Performative Sculptures and the subsequent group exhibition Duet with Artist, in 2017 Erwin Wurm reinterpreted a Hanging Pullover as an edition for the 21er Haus.

Medium: Cotton, polyester
Sizes S–XL
Edition of 25 + 5 AP    
Signed, dated, numbered
Price: € 500  SOLD OUT

This limited edition is available at the Belvedere/21er Haus