Gary Hume print – Migration – Out Now

Gary Hume, Migration, 2013. 

Gary Hume, Migration, 2013. Gary Hume often turns to birds for subject matter, sometimes to imply the indifference and beauty of nature, yet often he will personify a bird to suggest a range of human feelings and ideas. In Migration, the cool blues and greens combine with the circular shape to suggest a high-altitude view of the world, with the bird a looming presence who seems to watch over the continents below. The bird dominates the composition as if we view him through a small window or at the end of a telescope. With a green body that lends a sense of calm and harmony to the composition, the bird takes on a presence that is at once intimate and god-like.

Silkscreen print on paper with hand embossing (to be confirmed)
Size: 31 5/16 x 30 5/8 in. (79.5 x 77.8 cm)
Edition of 90
Signed and numbered
Price: £2,160

This limited edition Gary Hume print is available at White Cube here