Jannis Kounellis – Untitled

Jannis Kounellis, Untitled, 2016

Jannis Kounellis, Untitled, 2016The great artist Jannis Kounellis created an exceptional exhibition, and the setting could not have been more appropriate. In the halls of the Monnaie de Paris, the former French Mint, Kounellis created an accessible artwork in situ thatacknowledges him as the true pioneer of Arte Povera. The book we have published complements the exhibition rather than reproduces it. Most importantly, it refamiliarizes the reader with famous installations like 12 Live Horses from 1969, objects such as Artist Shoes with Golden Soles from 1975, and installations such as those made for the museum Haus Esters (1984) and the Museum Ludwig, Cologne (1997).

Jannis Kounellis has created a lithograph that is small, but beautifully made, and presents an original piece of the Arte Povera: Kounellis’ own shoe print brought onto stone as a lithograph, printed in a small edition.  The artwork references, among other things, the piece Artist Shoes with Golden Soles from 1975 and successfully combines seeming opposites (light and heavy, stagnation and movement).

“I search for unity in dramatic ways, although it is out of reach, although it is utopian, although it is impossible, and for all of these reasons dramatic.”—Jannis Kounellis

Medium: Lithograph on BFK Rives 250g,
Sheet size: 40 x 35 cm,
Image size: 32 x 27 cm,
Limited edition of 45 + 5 AP,
Signed and numbered,
Price:  € 680

This limited edition  Jannis Kounellis print is available at New Art Editions