Jordy Kerwick – HYDRA *SOLD*

Over the past year ONE OFF ANY have been working on turning Jordy Kerwick's 'HYDRA' into real life, a sculpture inspired by the original painting. After the much sought-after release of the first 15 pieces of the HYDRA in November 2021, OOA are now very happy to finally present the second and final drop of 30 more HYDRA sculptures. Jordy Kerwick has been working in Berlin to complete the finishing touches and the edition will be released on Friday, 13th of May 2022 (products will be added to their shop then).

"The meaning of the double headed cobra has really evolved over time for me. Initially it started as an exercise of expedience in making a cobra with two heads to appease both of my sons, Milo and Sonny. But as time has gone by and I get older, they have become, to me, more of a symbol of youth and fight. Making things that are kinda “rock n roll” helps me to stay young at heart and head, but I also see resilience and determination in the Hydra. I’m a bizarre way, it’s a hopeful symbol to me."
- Jordy Kerwick

Jordy Kerwick - HYDRA - 2022 SOLD OUT

Jordy Kerwick - HYDRA - 2022Medium: Bronze, feathers, mammoth ivory, acrylic, spray paint and Hand-painted with oil
Size: 52 x 25.5 x 35.5 cm (including feathers)
Weight: 9,95 kg
Edition of 40 unique pieces + 5 AP
Price: TBC

These incredible Kerwick sculptures will be available on May 13th at ONE OFF ANY.