Katherine Bradford – Seaside, 1 Woman, 2 Men *SOLD*

Katherine Bradford - Seaside, 1 Woman, 2 Men - 2020   SOLD OUT

Katherine Bradford - Seaside, 1 Woman, 2 Men - 2020The ethereal, the horror. There is clarity in mystery — in accepting that absolute truth may not actually be accessible. If drawing a precise line is challenging when things feel uncertain, why not dwell in imagination instead? The ethereal, the horror, the sublime sense of discovering a new world. Katherine Bradford awes critics with her deft mark making, direct capture of painted emotion and the materiality of feeling — the distinct voice of her presence rendered in gesture. Bradford builds forms through thin washes of broad brushstrokes, inventing layered colorfields and figures who are almost deity-like in space, alive in the world of creation. Emerging with a glow, they exist as community and as composition.

The series was made in her studio layering gouache atop a base print, obscuring and transforming the original image. Three figures stand and two hold hands. Horizon lines and swim trunks complete the scene of self-contained reflection and quietude — a placid mutability. Or are they waiting for something? It is spring of 2020, when considering figures in enclosed spaces, individual ecosystems, and the balance between dislocation and connectivity feels especially poignant. In a 2019 interview with Artspace, Bradford provided insight into her ongoing exploration of dynamic, noting her intention is to celebrate "who we are, how we fit in, how we fit in together visually, how we all stand next to each other, and there are quite a lot of options for how to look and be with one another. I'm interested in the community."

Medium: Goauche & archival pigment print
Size: 23" x 21"
Series of 30, each uniquely hand-embellished,
signed by the artist on front
Price: $ 1,500   SOLD OUT

This limited edition Katherine Bradford editions is available at ExhibitionA