Kölnischer Kunstverein – Annual Editions 2020 (Dorothy Iannone, Juliette Blightman, Tom Burr, Jeff Wall )

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Jeff Wall - Low Tide - 2020

Jeff Wall - Low Tide - 2020Jeff Wall’s early works dealt with conceptual art through photography. In 1969/70 he produced a small brochure, the Landscape Manual, with black and white photographs of Vancouver taken from the window of a car. In 1976 he began with color photography and soon mounted large color slides in light boxes, before he turned to digital montage techniques in 1991 and a little later to the production of large black and white photographs. His works, which he describes as “cinematographic photographs,” often refer to film stills, history pictures, or studies of social milieus, based on personal events or situations.

The annual edition donated to the Kunstverein shows a photograph taken at the coast in the summer of 2020: the fading sea of a white sandy beach, from the bottom of which algae sway to the rhythm of the water and small air bubbles on the surface are created from regular, shallow waves. Low Tide reads like a commentary on the times in which we find ourselves; waves come and go without knowing what they bring, flooding, repeating, but always anew. The landscape scene has a calming effect, it reminds us of the natural and unaffected course of things.

Medium: Inkjet print on paper
Size: 45 x 45 cm
Edition of 50 + 12 AP
Signed, numbered and dated
Price: € 3,400