Mariko Mori edition – Primal Stone II *SOLD*

Mariko Mori - Primal Stone II - 2012  SOLD OUT

Mariko Mori - Primal Stone II, 2013.This winter, 13 December 2012—17 February 2013, the Royal Academy of Arts welcomes New York based Japanese artist Mariko Mori to their new space for art and architecture in Burlington Gardens. Her first major exhibition in London for 14 years, "Rebirth" includes some of Mori’s most acclaimed works from the last 11 years, alongside new works created especially for this exhibition. Starting and ending with the death and birth of a star, the cycle of life and rebirth is an important theme of the show, which includes photography, works on paper, sound works, as well as sculpture and large scale immersive installations and environments that invite contemplation.

The exhibition has been developed in close collaboration with the artist, and is timed to coincide with the winter solstice in 2012. According to ancient calendars, this year’s solstice will either mark the end of the world or the birth of a new era.

Primal Stone II is an original limited edition piece by Mariko Mori. Formed of lucite and embodying the otherworldly glow of many Mariko Mori artworks it measures 11 x 9.5 (at the widest point) x 4cm. This edition of 50 is gift-boxed and presented in a faux suede pouch with metal name-plate and leather tag drawstring with accompanying signed certificate of authenticity.
Price: £395

This limited Mariko Mori edition is available at the Royal Academy of Arts here