Mathieu Mercier ‘Journal’

Mathieu Mercier, Journal, 2015

Mathieu Mercier, Journal, 2015Limited edition newspaper, containing a series of nude photographs, all coming from Mathieu Mercier private collection. Where do these images come from? From a lost paradise? Mathieu Mercier tries to provide an answer. «These images are fascinating as they don’t reveal any stylistic indication - the models don’t have any cloths nor accessory and the scene always shows an exterior, rural decor. Nonetheless, we can guess the era thanks to the women’s hairstyle, the way they pose and the quality of the picture. Even if they give the impression of a lost paradise, they clearly seem dated...

Medium: Newspaper
Size: 28 pages, 50 x 35 cm
Edition of 130 + 20 AP
Stamped, numbered and signed by the artist
Price: €180

This limited edition is available at mfc michele didier