SITE Editions – Weiner, Morrison, Pernice

SITE is an artist led project founded in 1998.

SITE is an experimental cross-media platform concerned with producing, exhibiting, publishing and distributing art and art related materials. As an artist enterprise they push self-organization, cooperation and individual interference. Publications may adopt any form, format or structure to impact a general public or a radical exclusive audience. The outputs include potentially any topics, styles or strategies as long as they relate to current critical art discourse.

Lawrence Weiner,  Paradise Lost, 2010SITEmagazine was first published in 1999, in Düsseldorf, Germany. It’s ambition is to interrupt the world of media, publication, interpretation and contextualization. Its collaborative, interdisciplinary nature, which goes beyond individual artists studio practice, is great value to the publishers.

SITEmagazine is not a review magazine. It is rather an exhibition in printed format. SITEmagazine compiles contributions which should be approached as artworks. Each issue adds to the ongoing series of publications. No issue is ever out of date. Beginning with SITEmagazine #11 they collaborate with guest artists/editors to curate an individual issue. SITE aims to explore new strategies of distribution according to each of the outputs.

SITE is founded by artists and sponsored by artists. As an artists project SITEmagazine financially operates with the support of established artists, who not only contribute to the magazine, but also produce newly commissioned artist editions.

So far SITE has published editions by:
Markus Amm, Eric Bainbridge, Matthew Brannon, Ralf Brög, Anthony Cragg, Elke Denda, Claus Föttinger, Liam Gillick, Lothar Götz, Thomas Grünfeld, Terry Haggerty, Candida Höfer, Dan Holdsworth, Axel Hütte, Atsushi Kaga, Stefan Kürten, Mischa Kuball, Alwin Lay, Rita McBride, Paul Morrison, Reinhard Mucha, Wilhelm Mundt, Manfred Pernice, Elizabeth Price, Tal R, Bernd Ribbeck, Thomas Ruff, Thomas Schütte, Hartwig Schwarz, DJ Simpson, Dirk Skreber, Beat Streuli, Sturtevant, Lawrence Weiner, Gerhard Wittmann, Johannes Wohnseifer.
All limited editions are available at SITE

Lawrence Weiner,  Paradise Lost, 2010

Lawrence Weiner,  Paradise Lost, 2010Medium: Wooden stamp with high-gloss varnish, comes in a silkscreened box with signed and numbered certificate (ink pad included).
Size: Box 12 x 10 x 12,5 cm - Stamp: ø 7 cm, H 10 cm,
Edition of 100
Price: € 450  (price increases as edition sells out)

Paul Morrison,  Creastium, 2012

Paul Morrison,  Creastium, 2012Medium: Enamel plate with hidden mounting (Material allows outdoor installation)
Size: 40 x 60 x 2 cm
Edition: 20
Price: € 1,200 (price increases as edition sells out)

Manfred Pernice, Radzi, 2006

Manfred Pernice, Radzi, 2006Medium: Glazed ceramics
Size: 12 x 12 x 5 cm
Edition of 30 unique objects (20 in red, 5 in black and 5 in blue-yellow)
Comes with a certificate
Price: € 1,000 (price increases as edition sells out)

All limited editions are available at SITE