New Sigune Hamann multiple ‘Diorama’

Sigune Hamann, Diorama (colour channels), 2013.

Sigune Hamann, Diorama (colour channels), 2013.In 2008 Sigune Hamann showed a large-scale site-specific photographic installation at the Gallery of Photography, Dublin, built on the original site of one of Daguerre’s dioramas. With the change of daylight and artificial light, and the position of the viewer, one or other translucent layered images predominates, both changing and merging over time. The film-strip process involves using a photographic camera like a movie camera, exposing a whole roll of photographic film in one continuous rewinding movement while moving (walking or turning) herself.

Her new multiple diorama (Colour Channels), part of a film-strip of people walking over London Bridge, shows a continuous merging of colours and shades, which result in a vivid, changing multiple vision. The image is animated by changing viewpoints and light conditions and the background that it frames.

diorama: [Greek dia= through + horama =view] a scene on translucent material; illusion of depth, movement or narrative is created with two layers of relating images.

Materials: Photographic transparencies, mounted on acrylic block (diasec)
Size: 31.5 x 21cm
Edition: 35
Price: £900

This limited edition Sigune Hamann multiple was available at The Multiple Store