Mike Kelley – My little friend *SOLD*

Mike Kelley - My little friend, 2007   SOLD OUT

Mike Kelley - My little friend, 2007I thought this fun edition was long sold out,  but here is your chance to get hold of this great toy by Mike kelley, who earlier this year passed away.

Designed by Mike Kelley, this plush toy has a startling characteristic. Like many plush toys, when you squeeze their belly they speak, but this one speaks 20 different phrases you don't expect to hear from a toy. It says things like "Hurt me, I don't mind," and "Do you really love me?"

Covered in blue plush with plastic eyes, felt hands & feet.
Dimensions: 17 x 11 x 6.5 inches.
Produced in Hong Kong by PAM & Medicom, 2007.
Not appropriate for children.

Edition of 800.

You can order this limited edition Mike Kelley Doll at Whitney Museum