Mona Hatoum – Untitled (whisks)

Mona Hatoum - Untitled (whisks) - 2018

Mona Hatoum - Untitled (whisks) - 2018Mona Hatoum is one of the most important international contemporary artists. She was born in 1952 to Palestinian parents in Beirut. Since 1975 she has lived in exile in London, where she was travelling at the time and from where she was unable to return because of the outbreak of war in Lebanon. Many of her works are about conflicts in the world, war and control, gender, the indi¬vi-dual and alienation. She works with sculpture in many different materials and she often uses household utensils in her art.

Untitled (whisks) draws – like many of her other works – on both surrealism and minimalism. The four whisks, which come from Hatoum’s large collection of whisks, are both familiar and alien to us. They may remind us of Grandmother’s whipped-cream desserts, but they are lined up for a strange, strict dance, white on black, in a sharply focused photographic image that gives the utensils a surreal life and makes them look chilly and metallic.

Medium: Lithograph, framed
Size: 63,5 x 82 cm
Edition of 60
Signed and numbered
Price: DKK 12.900 framed (KLUB ARKEN price: DKK 11.400)

This limited edition Mona Hatoum print is available at Arken