News: New Art Editions reached the 250 post milestone !!!








With this post New Art Editions reached the milestone of 250 !!!

New Art Editions already has become the world wide No. 1 in releasing free information on new contemporary art editions by world famous artists. What a great result for an initiative that started only earlier this year. Thousands of unique visitors visit the site every month now. It is a joy to see the visitors numbers grow and grow.

But my most fulfilling moments are when I receive feedback from you. Here are just a few examples of the loads of wonderful messages you have send me:

“Just wanted to say what a great concept and site you have going on here, its what I was looking for years ago as I continue to expand my collection of prints on paper and multiples etc.”

“It's a great site. I thought I was well connected but you clearly are looking a few places I am not! “

“Thanks for doing this website. I always enjoy seeing what you find.”

“I love your new editions postings. It's an amazing resource for collectors.”

Also more and more museums, art houses, galleries, art foundations and publishing houses actively (pre-) inform New Art Editions on their new (to come) limited art editions. They see the added value of New Art Editions: a free service in reaching an extended audience of art collector’s.
Many thanks, it’s most appreciated and I hope/trust more will join!!!

So what's next… ?
Well that’s easy. New Art Editions will continue to inform you on limited art editions. Our next milestone is 500 posts. But I am also orientating to set up additional services. I already have some thoughts on this, but I also would like to learn yours. So please question yourself: what additional service(s) would you like to see on New Art Editions? I would be a greatful man if you can take the time to share this with me.


Bilou Damen
Founder New Art Editions