Website problems …

As you may have noticed, we have been experiencing some troubles with our website lately. I’ won’t bore you with all the technical details, but I made a stupid mistake which resulted in a complete database crash. Okay don’t panic. Calm down, breath in, breath out. We have a backup, which we can reinstall and we’ll be up again in a few hours. Well … that’s what I thought.

Turned out that the backup of the database was corrupt.
We’ve been tossed in the past 48 hours between ‘all hard work over the last 2,5 years is vaporized’ and ‘there is a small chance we can recover everything’. You can imagine that gave some mood swings.

At this point we are happy to say that, due to the excellent work of our hosting company (thank you Domenico of, the damage has been restricted to the loss of data over the past 3 months. That’s the reason you will now see the listings starting mid February of this year.

So were do we go from here?
We will be featuring new editions daily and we will be updating our website with most of the posts that were lost, during the upcoming weeks. And I promise I won’t touch the database again … ever …

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